How to Survive a Family Trip Abroad

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Now that places and holiday destinations are opening up again post covid you might be thinking about planning a family getaway. This can be a daunting time especially if you have young children as you are just not sure how they will react on the journey. 


If like a lot of parents you are worried about how your child will behave on a plane then fear not, just know you are not alone. Children can be different on every plane ride so whether it is your child’s first or fifth time flying you just don’t know which behaviours they will display. There is a lot of stigmas attached to children on planes and this is accentuated in films where you see the other passengers rolling their eyes and huffing at the screaming child. 

It can be like that but it can’t be helped if your child is screaming, so don’t worry too much about the other passengers. It can be beneficial to have a bag at the ready full of entertainment for your child. Depending on their age you could pack colouring activities, or fill an iPad with tv shows and films they like to watch. If you are on a long haul flight don’t forget there will be films showing to distract your child also. 


When planning a trip to the beach you have to be super careful and ensure you have everything you need for yourself and your child. If your child isn’t a strong swimmer then be sure to pack armbands or a rubber ring to keep them safe. 

You need to make sure you stay in shaded areas to prevent both you and your child from getting sunburnt, this can be very dangerous and can lead to more serious complications. If there are no shady areas as can often be the case at beaches then you will need to pack an umbrella to put over yourselves. 


Plan lots of trips and outings if funds allow, really make the most of your time together and explore the destination you are at. Take everyone out to a restaurant and try the local delicacies. If you are staying at a hotel they will have excursions planned that you can book onto, for example, they might have boat trips or visits to the local towns. If you are somewhere with water parks and theme parks then they will also have tickets available for those. 

However, if you are staying in a holiday home or villa then you will need to think of places to visit on your own. The above still stands with the water parks and theme parks you will just have to book on their website or at the park on the day. 


Finally, a quick tip here, remember to keep all your documents together including details of your travel insurance and your E111 cards that give you access to free healthcare abroad. You never know if there is an illness or accident while you are away and you quickly need to grab them to head to the hospital. Another service you need to keep in mind especially if you are in a country where you don’t speak the language fluently is a translator. You should always have the contact details of a translation agency in case of emergencies. 


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