Connecting With Your Employees When Remote Working

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It takes some time to get into the groove of managing employees, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’d at least hope that you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labours for some time to come. But sometimes, life has other plans. The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that many bosses have had to adjust their working model, and how they manage their employees. Switching to remote working can be challenging, but not overly so. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few ways that you can stay connected with your workers when they’re working remotely.

Daily Check Ins

You may not be face to face, but it’s not as if you can’t talk. Quite the opposite; you may find that you’re talking to your employees on a deeper level, since when you’re chatting, you’re both focused on each other (rather than the many different disruptions that can happen in an office). Each day, look at setting some time to connect with your employees, either on an individual level or as a team. There won’t always be important things to be said, but it helps to keep everyone feeling part of the gang. You should also make yourself available throughout the day, so that they can get in touch if they have a problem. 

Get the Software

It’s important to have the latest and best software when you’re working in an office. But when you’re all working remotely, it’s more than important: it’s essential. With the right software for your team, you’ll find that it couldn’t be easier for everyone to stay on task and work productively. There are plenty of software options that can help you. For instance, there’s cloud storage, which will allow your employees to retrieve your company’s important folders and files, no matter where they’re working. You can also use an online calendar maker, and then share it with your employees so that they always know what’s going on at your business. As well as the more general software solutions for businesses, take a look at the software that is specifically designed for use in your industry.

Adapting to the New System

You’re trying to find your way when it comes to managing employees who are working from home. But also remember that your staff are trying to adjust to working from home, too. In the early days, be sure to have a degree of adaptability and flexibility when it comes to your staff. It might take a little bit of time before they’re working at full speed, and they may also have some issues that you will have to work to resolve.

Respect Their Space

This adaptability also involves respecting their space. Don’t ask them to work longer just because they no longer have a commute. Any connection you’ve built will be lost if they feel like you’re beginning to take advantage of the situation. These are tense times for businesses, but they shouldn’t forget that employees need to have their downtime too. 

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